If you are expecting a smaller but similar The Big Bang Theory in CBS’ new series Young Sheldon, you might want to re-calibrate your expectations. Debuting with a preview September 25 following the Season 11 premiere of Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady’s Emmy-winning science geek blockbuster, the prequel series created by Lorre and Steven Molaro is way more Wonder Years meets Friday Night Lights.

As I say in my video review above, that might not be the best theory in action, and that’s a shame for this series, which will undoubtedly be a hit for the House of Moonves if even a fraction of BBT viewers stay tuned.

Besides a strong Zoe Perry as the East Texas matriarch, there are two great opportunities for success in a spirited Raegan Revord as Sheldon’s twin sister, and in versatile Big Little Lies alum Iain Armitage as the socially stumbling 9-year-old genius. Yet, lacking the cynical wit at which Big Bang and the Jim Parsons-portrayed grown-up Sheldon excels, this single-camera 1989-set comedy doesn’t play to it obvious strengths. In fact, in seemingly hoping to appeal just as much to the scant few who’ve never seen BBT, the Parsons-narrated Young Sheldon ends up trying too hard to fit in with everything else on TV.

Moving to its regular slot with Big Bang Theory on November 2 after CBS runs through its Thursday night NFL games, Young Sheldon focuses on the growing pains of a real fish out of water who is accelerated up to the same high school grade as his older brother. There’s a lot of altitude sickness that can come from that in both in life and at home, but this sitcom seems too complacent from the pilot I’ve seen to go for the easy laughs.

Click on my video review above to see more of what I think. And tell us, Big Bang Theory fan and not, will you be watching?