Stephen Colbert introduced Late Show viewers to Roy Moore who, Colbert explained, is destined to become the next senator from Alabama “unless Democrats nominate a statue of a Confederate flag.”

Moore won the state’s primary on Tuesday, after receiving the endorsement of President Donald Trump’s former strategist/Brietbart chief Steve Bannon – Trump endorsed the guy who lost. Moore has waged a decades-long fight against LGBT rights in Alabama, calling homosexuality “an act so heinous that it defies one’s ability to describe it.”

“Just this year he suggested 9/11 might have been punishment for U.S. turning away from god, saying the almighty was upset with the United States, because ‘we legitimize sodomy’,” Colbert told his aghast studio audience, quoting Moore.

The CBS late-night star played a clip of Moore from earlier this month, in which he explained our country’s racial divide:

“Now we’ve got blacks and whites fighting, reds and yellows fighting…” Moore began.

“If you look past the racist language of calling ethnic groups ‘reds and yellows’ – and you shouldn’t,” Colbert advised, “where does he live where he’s constantly seeing Native Americans and Asians fighting each other?”

The 2017 reboot of West Wide Story sounds pretty awesome,” he snarked.