At a Rose Garden press conference today, President Donald Trump got asked if he’s preoccupied with the NFL and its players.

“Not at all I have plenty of time on my hands; all I do is work,” Trump had responded.

“Wait. Which is it/ Do you have too much time on our hands? Or, are are you always working?” Stephen Colbert wondered. “Because I can’t decide which one scares me more.”

One night earlier, Trump watched when the Dallas Cowboys kneeled in response to other player’s taking a knee during the national anthem, but the team stood up during the song. That did not stop POTUS from tweeting that the booing was “the loudest I have ever heard. Great anger.”

“Really? That’s the loudest booing you’ve ever heard?” Colbert wondered. Then he told Trump:

“Listen to this: ‘Donald Trump is President’.”

Deafening boo-ing ensues.

“Thank you! I think I have my new ringtone,” Colbert joked.