UPDATED with video: Hurricane Harvey is a natural disaster that has brought people together in very heartwarming ways, Stephen Colbert says tonight, returning to CBS’ Late Show after hiatus.

Meanwhile “there’s a man-made disaster unfolding in Washington right now because the Trump administration has announced they are ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program,” Colbert adds.

“The things is the vast majority of Americans like this program. So by canceling this, Trump has stepped in some deep daca,” he says.

Trump bravely had somebody else announce it, Colbert noted: “Turnip That Learned to Hate, Jeff Sessions.”

He then rolled footage of Sessions announcing the end of the DACA program, initiated by former President Barack Obama.

“As my mama used to say, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, now get out of the country,” Colbert joked, channeling Sessions, Forrest Gump-ily.

But Sessions did not want the so-called DREAMers who now face deportation to take any of this personally, explaining the country must limit how many people it lets in every year. This does not mean, for those who were not accepted, “that our nation disrespects or demeans them in any way,” Sessions had said in this morning’s announcement.

“You are right, Jeff,” Colbert agreed. “Deporting innocent children does not mean they are bad people. It means you are a bad person.”