Despite all the grim news from Florida, Happy Star Trek Day anyway — and yeah, that’s apparently a thing, at least on Twitter. Noted fans from Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost to cast members George Takei and the man himself, William Shatner, are tweeting their best wishes on this 51st anniversary of the debut of the TV’s most successful sci-fi franchise.

That last stat, by the way, comes from Guinness World Records via Shatner himself, who tweeted it out this morning with some nyah-nyah emojis poking a certain big-screen behemoth:


And did you know Star Trek was a favorite of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? That one comes from Michael Beschloss, cable news’ favorite presidential historian who’s not Doris Kearns Goodwin.

Here’s a sampling of the Star Trek Day greetings: