Donald Trump “might be worst negotiator since Daffy Duck,” Late Night host Seth Meyers said of the President’s push to get Democrats on board his DACA agenda.

After failing in his first eight months of office to pass any major legislation, Trump this week hosted Dems at a White House dinner. This after stunning Republicans with a Dem deal to keep open the government for three months and provide funding to hurricane victims.

Following this latest canoodling with Dems, party leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi took a victory lap, claiming the agreement to preserve DACA’s DREAMers protection, while boosting border security, excluded any talk of building a wall along the Mexico border.

Meyers walked us through Trump’s evolution on that major campaign promise: “Mexico would pay for the wall, then Congress will pay for the wall, then trade DACA to pay for the wall, and now trading DACA and no one is paying for the wall. He might be the words negotiator since Daffy Duck.”

To illustrate Meyers’ point, Late Night ran a clip of Daffy Duck negotiating whether it was duck-hunting season or bunny-hunting season. Ducks lost.

“One of the joys of of this whole episode has been watching the President’s staunchest supporters, people who defended him through his most egregious transgressions, freak out about his reversal on DACA,” Meyers said gleefully.

People like Iowa Rep. Steve King, who tweeted: “If AP is correct Trump base is blown up, destroyed, irreparable, and disillusioned beyond repair. No promise is credible.”

Meyers reaction: “I’m sorry. You’re just figuring out that Trump’s promises aren’t credible?”