UPDATED with more video: Making an appearance with her father on The View, Sarah Huckabee Sanders – the first mother to serve as White House Press Secretary –  said her little babies “perfectly prepared me to deal with the White House press corps.”

“I get to answer the same questions all day long,” she said of the questions her kids – age 5, 3, and 2 – ask her at home and White House correspondents ask at work.

“And I’ve gotten pretty good at saying ‘No’, she said, calling her kids the “perfect foundation” for the new job she got when Sean Spicer got squeezed out of his gig.

Joy Behar wondered if The Mooch, aka America’s Shortest Tenured White House Communications Director (10 days) Anthony Scaramucci, had approved her appearance on the show, admitting she is “shocked you are here,” though her dad, Mike Huckabee is a frequent guest.

Behar asked Dad how he “can let your daughter” defend Trump given that POTUS has “said some horrifying things about women.” Sarah Sanders is 35 years old.

The former Arkansas governor insisted Trump “also has empowered a lot of women,” noting the “incredible opportunity” Trump has given daughter Sarah as White House press secy.

And then, this happened, including Mike Huckabee insisting pardoned ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio is not racist – just 85 – and Whoopi asks Sanders why Trump insisted for so long that Obama wasn’t born in this country and so did not hold office legally: