“Hey Chad, water’s comin’ up the street here,” just might become the catchphrase of Hurricane Irma.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo said it, soaking wet in a flooding Naples, Florida, to meteorologist Chad Myers, with a surprise that was more than a little surprising. Because, well, water was comin’ up the street there. During a hurricane.

It was one of the many moments today (watch it below) when TV viewers saw TV reporters doing exactly what those reporters were warning those viewers not to do: Stand in Category 3 winds and rain. This on a day when President Donald Trump declared much of Florida a major disaster area.

“Reporters out there make me sick!,” tweeted an ABC viewer named Sylvia, watching the network’s very wet Matt Gutman, also in Naples, describe the “suction” force of the gale. “Go home be safe stop grand standing…”

Not a chance, Sylvia. “I’m here so you don’t have to be,” said CNN’s Bill Weir, driving around Key Largo and warning about projectiles. “We’ve driven over a few live powerlines.”

“God bless our intrepid reporters,” tweeted none other than TV’s The Flash, John Wesley Shipp, “but have you never heard the expression ‘hadn’t got enough sense to come in out of the rain’?”

Here are a few examples. And it’s early yet.