Shortly before Donald Trump promised to pardon former Sheriff Joe Arpaio at his recent rally for fans in Phoenix, Comedy Central’s The Opposition star Jordan Klepper was outside collecting signatures on his petition to impeach Hillary Clinton.

“Don’t trust anybody who’s talking to a camera,” Klepper says to a camera in the promo video for his new late-night show, debuting September 25.

“What are we opposed to? The resistance! Which, technically, is the opposition,” Klepper conceded. “There’s a lot of forces at play.”

Klepper promises rally-goers that he will “expose the hard truths the mainstream media won’t tell you.”

To make good on that promise, Klepper told Trump fans outside the Phoenix Convention Center, “Chuck Todd has a pony tail!”

“You’ll never see the back of his head — look at the tapes!” Klepper conspiracy-theorized.

The rest of the video’s mad-hatter talk is provided by Trump followers:

“Mainstream media is married to the Barack Obama administration,” rails one.

“You can only be white and be conservative – that’s not the case,” weighed in a young black man wearing a MAGA hat and an American flag cape. “You can have any skin color.”

“You can vote against your interest – it’s the American way!” Klepper chimed in.

“Exactly,” the guy agreed, as their exchange became a love-fest.

Mainstream media is focused on Russia, Klepper told another Trump follower, wondering what they really should be focused on instead.

“Hillary Clinton is Public Enemy No. 1,” a rally-goer suggested.

“What do we need to do to move forward from Hillary Clinton,” Klepper asked another.

“Bury her,” snaps back one of those many white women who voted for Trump. “I hate her.”

Klepper presented her with a petition to impeach Hillary Clinton, who lost the race 10 months ago. The woman signed, because she hates Clinton that much.