As he did when Republican Sen. John McCain announced he would vote against the GOP’s latest Obamacare-kill plan, aka Graham-Cassidy Bill, ABC late-night star Jimmy Kimmel took to Twitter to thank Republican Sen. Susan Collins after she announced she was giving it a pass as well.

Last week Kimmel likewise jumped on news that McCain said he could not vote for the latest GOP stab at Trumpcare plan without a CBO score and bipartisan input, sticking to what he previously had said he would do, despite his relationship with bill co-author Sen. Lindsey Graham. With McCain’s “no” vote,. Sen. Rand Paul had said he would vote “no” and Collins had said last week that she had issues with the bill. Today she made her decision.

Kimmel made national headlines last week when he blasted the bill on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, tangling with President Donald Trump and others. Kimmel found himself in the middle of this battle when he delivered an emotional opening monologue after his son, Billy, had open heart surgery at 3 days old. GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy began to boast publicly that he would support no health care plan that did not pass The Jimmy Kimmel Test, so Kimmel had him on his show to repeat those promises on national TV. The latest bill, co-authored by Cassidy, does not even come close to keeping those promises, Kimmel angrily announced, in reaction to which Cassidy announced patronizingly how sorry he was Kimmel did not understand the nuances of his bill.

Meanwhile, other political wonks argued that a late-night comic should not be talking about health care. To which Kimmel replied, neither should a reality TV star, but we were stuck with one in the White House, so there’s that.

Kimmel’s tweet on Sen. Collins: