With Puerto Ricans still suffering dire hurricane repercussions, the latest kill-Obamacare bid on death watch in the Senate, and batty Roger Stone about to do who knows what at a congressional Russia-probe hearing behind closed doors, President Donald Trump spent Tuesday morning gloating over NFL ratings.

At his latest campaign rally, Trump had told fans he’ love to see NFL owners say “get that son of a bitch off the field right now….He’s fired!” next time an NFL player kneels in protest during the national anthem performance. As part of his war on the professional athletes, our TV Ratings Forecaster In Chief had urged viewers to boycott NFL games, and forecast the lousy Nielsen ratings for Sunday’s games. In response to Trump’s ramped-up rhetoric, many more players kneeled during anthem at games Sunday, and even NFL commissioner Roger Goodell denounced POTUS’ comment.

This morning, a jubilant Trump high-fived himself on Twitter:

In his spare Twitter Time, Trump plugged Alabama’s Sen. Luther Strange re-election bid, promoted Fox & Friends, and saluted himself for his hurricane response in Puerto Rico :