When Conan O’Brien’s takes his show overseas, it’s more than likely we will get a fair share of laughs. His latest adventure brings him to Israel. While there, he attempts to convert to Judaism in 90 minutes, goes hookah shopping in Bethlehem, invites himself over to Gal Gadot’s apartment, and, best of all, shares Donald Trump’s plans for dividing up the Holy Land.

While paying a visit to Jerusalem, he talks to the director of the Tower of David Museum and reveals Trump’s Peace Plan for the city. This not only includes a signature Trump Hotel and Casino, but also a plan for a hummus fountain, lazy river for tourists to float as well as a condominium where Muslims, Christians, and Jews can all live together.

After giving a full outline of the plan he adds, “It’s going to go up in six months and guess what? Mexico is going to pay for it.”

Watch the video below to see the entire blueprint of Trump’s Peace Plan.