It took more than 27 years for Twin Peaks to return to television. With the 18-episode followup season nearing the end of its run on Showtime, could there be another installment of David Lynch’s cult series?

“It was always intended to be one season,” Showtime president and CEO David Nevins told Deadline at the Showtime TCA party. “A lot of people are speculating but there’s been zero contemplation, zero discussions other than fans asking me about it.”

That said, “the door’s always open to David Lynch, whether that would lead to another season, I don’t know if he wants to do it,” said Showtime programming president Gary Levine, who was ABC’s executive on the original Twin Peaks series and played a key role in bringing the revival to Showtime. “This was a Herculean effort. I’m not sure if any director has ever done 18 hours in a row of a series… It’s remarkable what he achieved,  fans are liking it and for me that’s what’s satisfying.”

The 18-episode Twin Peaks sequel, which had a rocky three-year road to the small screen, was written by the original series’ creators Lynch and Mark Frost and entirely directed by Lynch, with Kyle MacLachlan reprising his role. It has been a modest linear ratings performer but has driven record Showtime streaming sign-ups.