One of first daughter Ivanka Trump’s big hobbyhorses has been equal pay in the workplace. That’s why, The Daily Shows Trevor Noah noted, Wednesday’s White House news on that front was “extremely disappointing.”

The White House announced that it is halting an Obama-era policy requiring employees to report wage data based on race, gender and ethnicity. Ivanka, self-declared champion of working women, is standing by the decision to jettison that policy.

Noah called it “really surprising news.”

“No, it’s not!” shot back The Daily Show’s Ivanka Trump Expert, Michelle Wolf. “I’m so sick of everyone thinking Ivanka is the voice of reason!” “She could join ISIS, and everyone would be like, ‘Thank God she’s there. She’s going to help ISIS get maternity leave.'”

Noah reminded that Ivanka promised to fight for women’s issues.

Ivanka Trump White House
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“She lied,” Wolf shot back. “Ivanka cares about women the way Donald Trump cares about women.

“Everyone assumes she’s reasonable because she’s the one Trump who doesn’t look like she farts in the elevator.”

Noah argued that Ivanka is trying but she just hasn’t been as influential with Dad as she had hoped, cueing clips of various TV journalists as they excused Ivanka for having tried, unsuccessfully, to convince President Trump to:

– Stay in the Paris Climate Agreement

– Not ban transgender people from the military

– Stick with his denunciation of neo-Nazis and white supremacists for the violence in Charlottesville.

In the clips, the journalists indicated they had been told how disappointed Ivanka was.

“Ivanka is playing both sides,” Wolf charged. “She wants credit for influencing her dad but doesn’t want to get blamed for anything he does. That’s what Trumps do. They want all of the credit and none of the blame.

“You just don’t see it with Ivanka, because she’s kind of pretty,” Wolf told viewers. “If Eric were doing this shit, we’d all see right through it.

“Eric and Ivanka — they’re the same batch of cookies. She just did not get dropped on the floor.”