EXCLUSIVE: Producer Tommy Vlahopoulos has merged his Tommy V Films with York Films, an affiliate of New York’s York Studios. 

Vlahopoulos will become Chief Operating Officer of York Films, with actress Joanna Kalafatis named President. In addition, veteran producer Tom Sulkowski will join the executive team, while York Studios EVP John Battista will take what’s described as a key advisory role in the operations of York Films.

“Creating a production company led by Vlahopoulos within the studio seemed the next logical step,” said John Kalafatis, CEO of York Films and York Studios. “By creating York Films as a production company within the studio, we can offer a one-stop film-making solution in New York. Our vision is to make great independent movies while economically benefiting the pool of talented local production crews.”

Tommy Vlahopoulos
York Films

York Films plans to open a Los Angeles satellite office by the end of this year, with a stated goal of annually producing three to four feature films. The production company is already in development on the graphic novel adaptation of Crawl to Me, written by Life of Agony bassist Alan Robert, and is actively seeking additional projects.

York Studios broke ground last month on a $100 million studio expansion in the Soundview section of the Bronx. Once completed, York Studios envisions a privately gated state-of-the-art facility with nine sound stages, support and production offices, workshops for each stage, and on-site parking. The development will be built in two phases totaling 350,000 square feet and is anticipated to add significant economic benefits and jobs to the Bronx.