Tom Sizemore, who appears in Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival, has signed on to star in Global Genesis Group’s horror-thriller The Door, which will begin shooting this fall. The screenplay is by Charles Morris and Harel Goldstein and producers are currently in talks with a few directors, including Corbin Timbrook. .

The pic, set in present-day, follows Scott (Sizemore) and Rebecca Johnson as they move into a home where, in the late 50s, Dr. Lazarus Saint and his young son Vincent were killed in a house fire. Rebecca discovers the ghost of Vincent who warns her that Scott is becoming the dead Lazarus. She realizes she is doomed unless she can stop the reborn Lazarus.

Global Genesis is producing the project and handling distribution. The company recently produced the horror film Escape Room starring Skeet Ulrich which is scheduled to be released next year.

Sizemore, whose lengthy list of title credits include films like Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down, is repped by Pantheon Talent