An embarrassment of riches on the NBC schedule is one of the reasons it initially was hard for the network to find a spot for the second season of Timeless.

“We don’t mean to be disingenuous to fans, but we have a lot of things that are doing well, and when you look at the whole schedule, it’s honestly hard to find a place for all these shows,” NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt said about the short-lived cancellation of Timeless before fans rallied for its return. “You’ll say that’s a good problem to have, but we had all these various schedules with The Blacklist and the Dick Wolf shows; all these factors led to us saying, ‘Oh, we don’t need this show.'”

Added NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke, “We’re not trying to have a list of unscheduled shows.”


Timeless was a ratings-challenged show, but “the fan base bombarded us with a feeling that we shared to have this show; it was a collaborative passion swell,” said Salke. Genre fans can be noisy, and NBC execs respect that, and it’s why they program shows for them.

Timeless is switching its production shoot from Vancouver to Los Angeles where it will reap close to $10M in tax credits thanks to the state’s $330M California film and TV tax credit program. The show’s second season will be 10 episodes and at the same budget as its first.

At Comic-Con a few weeks ago, Timeless EP Eric Kripke thanked fans for their support in getting the show back on the air, telling them that on May 13 after the show’s initial cancellation, “I got a call from NBC and they said, ‘We made a mistake and we’re picking up the show.'”