Seth Meyers reads a lot into President Donald Trump having hugged himself as he delivered his “fire and fury” threat to North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un this week.

The Late Night host dismissed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s spin that Trump was simply re-affirming that the United States has the capability to defend itself “from any attack” and that the American people “should sleep well.”

“We haven’t been sleeping well since November,” Meyers said.

Meyers noted Tillerson’s not the only one from Trump’s administration who sought to neuter the president this week, including one unnamed source who told Politico that “fire and fury” had not been vetted so “don’t read too much into it.”

Figuring out what was going on around him, Trump held a presser at his Jersey White House two days later to insist his previous rhetoric had not been strong enough.

“What would be tougher than ‘fire and fury’? Fire and fury and bees? 2Fire 2Fury?” Meyers asked.

Meanwhile, the Unhinged contingent of the White House worked feverishly to stroke Trump’s fragile ego. Aide Sebastian Gorka, for instance, insists POTUS’s “fire and fury” line was his way of telling the world we had grown from super power to “hyper power.”

And, senior policy adviser Stephen Miller went on Fox News Channel this week to call Trump the “most gifted politician of our time and best orator to hold that office in generations.”

“Could he be any creepier,” Meyers asked, speculating Miller calls Trump “master” and lives under the stairs.

Then there’s Veep Mike Pence. Short-lived White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci had said, in his wild New Yorker interview, that Pence recently hired a well-known political operative to be his new chief of staff  because he “can’t believe what the f**k is going on.”

“Mike Pence can’t believe it? Did you not hear about the Access Hollywood tape?” Meyers raved. “Or  the Trump University fraud lawsuit? Or calling Mexicans rapists? Or Russian entanglements?”

“Mike Pence knows exactly what’s going on. He agreed to play backup quarterback to a guy with two bad knees who only throws interceptions. Bullsh*t Mike Pence can’t believe it!”

Meyers added: “Sorry – I haven’t slept since November.”