EXCLUSIVE: A new series that will exist on multiple platforms and allow users to sway storytelling outcomes using proprietary game tokens is about ready to press play. 3Six Media Group LLC and New Mexico’s Blockspace Media are producing Back To Earth, a dystopian world game where the few human survivors of a technology gone awry battle aggressive, brain-dead, animal-like beings. The series will exist on several platforms and uses apps, websites, physical locations, graphic novels and virtual reality in its play action. It begins production August 7.

Players can use StarCredits, a proprietary form of digital token, to affect story outcomes, earn in-game content, unlock special features, discover hidden puzzles and purchase specific storylines. The production was crowdfunded with $1.2 million raised through the sale of StarCredits. The game has 20 million available, and tokens will be destroyed upon use.

The project will be directed by Federico Heller (Uncanny Valley) and stars Bruno Gunn (Westworld), Eimanne Zein (Strength And Fortune), Delyn and Keziah Wall (Inseparables) and Clay Space (Better Call Saul). Shad Adair (White Room), Kevin Schulmeister (The Counselor), Keagan Karnes (Thank You), and Tiffany Sherie Neeley (The Other Side) are producers.

“So many media companies these days are looking for ways to expand their brand across multiple platforms,” said Space, also the series’ writer. “Back To Earth is built from the ground up to achieve this goal, and then employs a platform-agnostic blockchain token that will engage audiences in the same way a video game might.”  

Added Adair: “Funding a project like this solely with cryptocurrency has never been done before,” said Shad Adair, the producer. “By bridging transmedia with the active blockchain community, we are able to capitalize on a new method for storytelling that unlocks new audiences and opportunities. We will be looking to work with more artists and creators in this space moving forward.”

Federico Heller is represented by Valor Entertainment.

Here is the teaser trailer: