If President Donald Trump has failed, in his first 200 days, to fully realize his dystopian vision for “American Re-Great-ening” it’s not for lack of trying, Samantha Bee conceded on Full Frontal. “He just keeps getting c*ck-blocked,” she explained Wednesday night.

Federal judges have blocked his suspension of a pollution rule, his executive order cutting federal funding to sanctuary cities, and his travel ban.

“Lady Justice: such a nasty woman,” Bee chided. Now, however, “Trump is moving on her like a bitch” with the ability to appoint 15% of the federal judiciary.

Trump has picked 37 judges in six months, Bee noted, saying he appears to favor  younger noms, who will be around longer.

A conservative judiciary for years to come is “the prize for which the GOP is willing to sacrifice its honor, its principles and its underwear comfort,” she described, adding:

Trump’s noms also “are overwhelmingly white – like Duplass Brothers project white. If I did not know those were judicial nominees, I would think it was just the next crop of network late-night hosts.”

“In some cases, Trump opted to replace an African American nominated by Obama with your standard issue white male,” she continued. “Which would be like replacing the leads of Atlanta and Insecure with the leads from Hawaii Five-O – and then never canceling the show – ever.”