Here are some new data points to keep in mind this year when TV programmers and networks inevitably grumble about their ratings: Nielsen says today that it will change the denominator for the 2017-2018 season, raising the number of TV households by 1.4 million homes to 119.6 million.

And the number of people who are 2 or older is up by 2.8 million to 304.5 million.

The annual adjustments are based on U.S. Census Bureau data and Nielsen’s own information. The latest increase partly reflects growth in the Hispanic, African American, and Asian population, as well as TV penetration in their homes, Nielsen says.

The count indicates that 96.5% of all U.S. homes have a TV. That number is half a percentage point higher than last year’s.

Nielsen defines a TV household as one that has “at least one operable TV/monitor with the ability to deliver video via traditional means of antennae, cable set-top-box or satellite receiver and/or with a broadband connection.”