One day after reaching out to Donald Trump voters about the president’s bonkers Tuesday press conference in defense of the fatal white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, ABC late-night star Jimmy Kimmel shared some of the many social media responses he received.

“Last night on our show, in case you missed it, I had a message for those who voted for Donald Trump. I explained that I understood why they did it, but encouraged those who, deep down, feel like they made a mistake to just admit it and move on,” Kimmel told his studio audience.

“And I have to say I think it might have worked. I really think I made a breakthrough, and I base that on the responses I got on twitter and Facebook, from people like Thomas who wrote: “Why don’t you go somewhere else like a different country if you don’t like our president and stop you’re crying on TV snowflake.”

‘Thank you Thomas,” Kimmel said, adding, “This is from Douglas: ‘Jimmy give me a break Jimmy. Nobody cares what you think. You sound like a whining baby. Does Baby Jimmy want his bottle?’”

“Great question,” Kimmel smiled.

“I heard from a lot of terrific people on Facebook,” he continued. “People like Karen, who wrote: ‘Jimmy Kimmel reminds me of a demented little kid at a social gathering. Where in the hell is this kids parents they should be arrested for giving birth to him!'”

“So thanks to everyone for the feedback – it just goes to show you, that if you try to understand where people are coming from and talk to them like human beings, they will open up. You just have to communicate.”

Calling Tuesday “probably the worst day of the Trump presidency,” Kimmel noted POTUS held the press conference where he “could not help but defend Nazis, Klan members, and white supremacists. He just couldn’t hold it in.”

The White House, trying to do some damage control, reportedly sent a memo to Republicans in Congress with talking points to use in discussing Charlottesville – like saying Trump’s comments on the violence were “entirely correct.”

Kimmel got in touch with Kellyanne Conway in Washington, to discuss these allegations and get some answers.