Jason Kessler, the white nationalist organizer of yesterday’s Unite The Right rally, was shouted down and ran off by protesters in Charlottesville today, as news cameras filmed what was intended to be an outdoor press conference in front of City Hall.

NBC News tweeted footage of the incident. Watch it below.

As Kessler begins to speak, a large crowd begins shouting “Shame, Shame, Shame.” The crowd and news cameras then move in closer to the white nationalist blogger, surrounding him. “Indict for murder now!” one man screams into Kessler’s mic. “He invited these people!”

As Kessler backs away, another man steps forward, grabs Kessler and throws a punch, knocking Kessler off balance. As the Unite the Right organizer moves quickly away through a City Hall rose garden, another man advances and shoves him, then a woman tackles Kessler to the ground. At that point, police finally move in and whisk Kessler to safety.

Kessler’s aborted press conference comes a day after three deaths were attributed to the violent rally, including the 32-year-old pedestrian struck by the car driven by a reported neo-Nazi sympathizer and two state troopers killed in a helicopter crash while monitoring the scene.

Here’s the footage of Kessler being chased off (complete with NBC News’ slightly bizarre music scoring):