HBO’s social media was hacked tonight, with its pages on Twitter and reportedly Facebook briefly taken over by hacker OurMine.

OurMine previously exploited media company Twitter accounts, including Netflix and YouTube, but is not believed to be affiliated with whomever took the Game of Thrones material, corporate information, and several other HBO shows earlier this month.

An HBO spokesman said “we are investigating” the social media incidents.

Earlier today, HBO had another setback, as the newest episode of Game Of Thrones leaked online, four days ahead of schedule. HBO España and HBO Nordic accidentally dropped Season 7’s Episode 6, titled “Beyond The Wall,” online in Spanish and Nordic territories, where it was available to on-demand subscribers for a full hour before it was removed.

The leak left enough time for footage from the episode to be ripped and shared. Footage was posted to Reddit, with copy shared via YouTube, Twitch and other streaming providers. Reddit posts were taken down quickly and according to UK paper The Independent, the full episode was posted on torrent sites and being uploaded “faster than HBO can take the links down.” The paper confirmed the episode was real and in HD.

An HBO Europe spokesman acknowledged the posting gaffe and blamed a third-party vendor. The error was not connected to the HBO US hacking incidents, he added.