HBO Asia’s first comedy drama series Sent is ready to deliver. The series will be making its debut across Asia on Sunday, September 17, exclusively on HBO. The half-hour series will run episodes and premiere with double back-to-back episodes and air two episodes at a time on Sundays through October 8.

Set and filmed in Singapore, Sent follows Jay Bunani (Haresh Tilani), an unremarkable and meek financial compliance officer whose only way of coping with the stresses of life is to draft searing and eye-wateringly honest emails to anyone who aggravates him. This backfires one fateful day and his drafts folder full of hundreds of these “hot letters” are accidentally sent out, turning Jay into an Internet sensation overnight – and not the good kind. While also juggling the pressures of a failed engagement and keeping everything a secret from his parents, Jay has no choice but to turn to an old college friend, Max Wong (Alan Wong) for help, the only person who sees Jay’s predicament as an opportunity for Jay to dream a little bigger. This leads to a journey of self-discovery an unexpected job opportunity with a slightly-shady business man, Zacheus Lee (Adrian Pang) that may turn his life around.

Developed by HBO Asia and produced by local production house Very Tay, the Sent cast also includes Carla Dunareanu, David Asavanond, Rosalind Pho, Dhanya Nambiar, Indi Nadarajah, Anuradha Chandan, Laanya Asogan, Emil Marwa, Mike Leeder, Nikki Muller, Stephanie Carrington and Crispian Chan. Singaporean comedian Alaric Tay directed and co-produced the series. The series is produced in partnership with the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) as part of a two-year collaboration to develop the drama production capabilities of Singapore’s media industry and talent.

Sent will also be available on HBO GO and HBO On Demand.