Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram to let us know that he will be lending his voice to the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight. No, he won’t be singing the national anthem, but he will be doing a voiceover for the “bad ass” introduction.

In his post, he said “I connected with my boy Conor this week. His intentions go far beyond his extraordinary skill” leading us to believe that he might be rooting for McGregor. But being the good guy he is, he remains neutral saying both McGregor and Mayweather “want to put on an epic performance for the world” and that they both have “real visceral, raw, warrior mana (spirit).”

No word yet on what Johnson’s badass intro entails, but the charismatic Moana actor has plenty of experience in voiceover work.

For many fans, Mayweather-McGregor marks a groundbreaking fight between the boxer and the UFC fighter. The fight proposed by Conan O’Brien two years ago when McGregor was a guest on his late-night TBS show. The fight will be on Mayweather’s turf considering McGregor will have to follow boxing rules, meaning no kicking, no elbows, no grappling — all of which is the norm for him.

The event begins tonight at 6 p.m. live on Pay-Per-View.