President Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning to retweet a graphic illustrating that he is the moon and Barack Obama is the sun, though that may not have been the point he was trying to make:

Speaking of mixed messages, in a very busy morning on Twitter, Trump also explained his recent Jekyll/Hyde public appearances, which have baffled some political pundits even in his own party. In a matter of hours this week, Trump spoke of his love for all Americans and his belief that all our “hearts beat for America” and for unity, and then delivered his crowd-inciting talk of his hatred for those “sick” citizens who are members of the press, who do not love the country, and who are responsible for hate groups such as neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

One is Somber Strong Trump, the other is Dynamic Fun Trump, the president explained:

Among those expressing concern about Trump’s fitness to serve the country is former National Intelligence Director James Clapper, who said as much on CNN in the thick of Trump’s tone-changing this week. Trump, who has said he does not watch CNN, responded anyway:

Clapper is considered an authority on matters of national security but made clear he was speaking for himself in his remarks. Trump has not produced a “beautiful letter” from Clapper to him this morning.

This morning, some of those whose hearts are beating for America have noted that this Twitter Trump performance bears a strong resemblance to his performance shortly after sacking FBI Director James Comey: