Visiting Texas and boasting Hurricane Harvey is the biggest disaster of all time is the way President Donald Trump speaks about everything, MSNBC’s Joy Reid explained to Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. “He sees everything in terms of ratings and crowd size,” Reid said last night. “The accomplishment he sees in Harvey is that it’s the biggest, during the era of Donald Trump. There’s something disturbing about the way he talks about it,” she agreed.

“I don’t think he can connect with the compassion that you normally have when you see a disaster like this.”

Trump also has boasted he announced his pardon of Joe Arpaio as Harvey was hitting Texas, not to bury the unpopular news as pundits had speculated but because he knew TV ratings would be especially high that day, Noah observed.

“What he has always done, his entire adult life, is to kind of do a show,” Reid responded. “And he always wants to have a bigger and better show. And even being president is just a show, in which he times for ratings, and looks to see how many people are watching Donald Trump.”

Noah wondered if the “show” would end with impeachment or Trump relinquishing power.

“I get asked this all the time,” Reid answered patiently. “As long as there are Republicans in control of the House of Representatives, the Senate, they are not going to impeach Donald Trump.” She advised Noah to stop waiting for this Congress “to suddenly wake up and decide Donald Trump is terrible. This is the same guy that he’s been since he was running for president. They know who he is. They’re not going to impeach him.”

Noah did not go gentle into that reality: “Do they know who he is?”

Republicans have made “a very crass calculation” to accept anything Trump does, in exchange for getting the things they want, Reid insisted. “As long as he’s there to turn around and explain to his base the tax cut for millionaires that they want, for billionaires that they want, the things they want for for themselves — as long as he’s willing to translate that into Trump fan-ese, they don’t care what he does.”

Meanwhile, she said, Democrats are “very disorganized,” are “not good at the go-for-the-jugular, hard-nosed politics,” and waste time longing for the “Pabst Blue Ribbon voters” who used to be Dems but migrated to the GOP over the past several decades.

Dems need to grasp that people will vote against their own economic interest, in order to vote for their “values,” Reid argued.

“Democrats keep trying to use economic lures — but [voters] are not voting that way.”

She advised Dems to focus on the “non-sexy political job” of registering the “lots of Democrats out there” who are in the non-voting pool, and find a way to “explain in two sentences what a Democrat is.”

“‘A Better Deal’ is so vague. Donald Trump is not offering a deal. He’s offering a TV show.”