Season 3 of CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will open with a big musical production number poking fun at Disney tunes.

The leitmotif of this season is “Revenge,” which series co-creator/star Rachel Bloom described as “Funny Fatal Attraction.” It’s payback time, after being left at the altar by Josh, who decided priesthood was his better option. “She’s heading into the season saying ‘I am a strong sexy woman scorned,” Bloom told TV critics at TCA.

With two seasons of the show under her belt, Bloom and co-creator/showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna felt it was time for the show to be less rom-com, more crazy.

That said, McKenna said Bloom’s Rebecca is not particularly good at the femme fatale business, noting if she decided to boil a bunny she would instead be smitten with it, take it home, and wind up with 50 bunnies.

This season’s opening credits will be directed by well-known music video director Joseph Kahn who also is directing the season’s Episode 4. “You may know him from Thong Song,” Bloom enthused.

One critic wanted to know about their conversations with CW Decency Police on the series “Period Sex” song. That department appeared to have been standing in the ballroom, keeping an eye on things, because a group of CW staffers in the Applause Section of the hall erupted when Bloom and McKenna sang Decency Police’s praises, while noting they would not allow most of the song as written to be performed on air.

As the show heads to Season 3, TV critics seem still to have trouble buying into the idea that Rachel moved from New York to West Covina in search of love. McKenna explained that the Los Angeles suburb is a stand-in for “purgatory.” That seemed to quiet them.

Critics also seemed perplexed the show does not feature more celebrities. “It’s really hard to get stars to do the show,” Bloom acknowledged. McKenna explained that’s because they actually shoot episodes in seven days and it’s “very difficult when people are famous” to get them to commit to such a tight schedule.

The critic said he would think celebrities would be clamoring to appear on the show. “Yeah, you’d think,” Bloom shot back, asking the critic, “Do you know anyone?” while McKenna told critics, “please make sure anyone who is famous, who likes the show, gets in touch with us.”

The critic could be heard mumbling something about Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling.

“Wait, did you say Ryan Gosling?!” Bloom gushed.