“I have no concerns … whatsoever,” NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt insisted at TCA, when asked if he’s concerned Jimmy Fallon is less relevant in today’s Donald Trump-fueled late-night war.

“I think that will even itself out – I say laughingly,” Greenblatt said, of his former Celebrity Apprentice star who is these days so entirely dominating late-night TV conversation.  “A lot of people in late-night have jumped on that bandwagon. There are a lot of great people, from [Stephen] Colbert, to Samantha [Bee], to Seth [Meyers} who do that pretty heavily every night,” Greenblatt said.

He may be whistling past the graveyard. CBS’s Stephen Colbert-hosted Late Show, which has gone all-in on Donald Trump satire and commentary, has eclipsed Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show in overall audience. This week, on Monday, Colbert beat Fallon by 1.3 million viewers and, on Tuesday, by 1.2M. Colbert also took Monday in the demo.

Fallon, who got thumped during the election when he had Trump on his show and tousled his hair but asked no tough questions, defended himself by saying that’s not what he does.

“Jimmy has his own way of doing it, and is still the undisputed 18-49 leader in that slot,” Greenblatt said. “Advertiser demand for him is as high as it’s ever been.” The NBC honcho chief predicted Fallon’s total-viewer levels will “go back a little bit” once Trump madness “levels itself out.”

“I have no concern about what he’s doing and how he does it and I think all these late- night talents approach the news cycle in their own way.”