As leaked White House communications strategy memos and audio of that crazed call with a New Yorker writer circulate today, Donald Trump’s now-ex-official pal Anthony Scaramucci just canceled a highly hyped social media event planned for Friday.

Back in the news less than a week after being shown the door by newly minted White House Chief of Staff John Kelly on July 31, the man they call “the Mooch” took to Twitter this morning to say he would not be going on Facebook or other platforms tomorrow as previous proclaimed.

Just 10 tumultuous days in the job of Communications Director for the tumultuous Trump White House, the never-met-a-media-opportunity-he-didn’t-like Scaramucci told CNN and others that he was going online on August 4 to give his side of the story. The event was being put together with the help of canned Fox News Channel co-president Bill Shine.

Shine was one of the guests along with Sean Hannity at a dinner with Trump and Scaramucci and others back on July 26 that was held just before the NYC native got on the phone in a profanity-filled and senior staff-slagging interview with the New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza. The writer had tweeted earlier that night about the dinner after it was leaked to him. Enraged about the leak, the Mooch made a call that he surely regretted and surely led to him being axed just days after his rival Reince Priebus lost his Chief of Staff job.

Needless to say, like any good journalist, Rizza wrote up the exchange and posted it online soon after the call. Today, The New Yorker posted audio of the call, which actually is a lot more measured, at least in volume, than the copy implies, but Scaramucci certainly lashes out at his now ex-colleagues like Priebus and close Trump aide Steve Bannon.

The name of Shine and his mentor, scandalized and now-deceased FNC boss Roger Ailes, both were mentioned in that leaked communications memo. A “refined Roger Ailes theory” is referenced because “we exercise influence over the news cycle because POTUS and the government make news.” The memo also talked of bringing Shine, who was let go from FNC on May 1, in to work at the White House – as has been rumored for the last several days.

Either way, looks like the Mooch and Shine will be starting their weekend a day early now – for now.