We’re getting the first look at the seventh installment of Ryan Murphy’s FX anthology, American Horror Story: Cult, with the release of the opening credits sequence and the election theme coming more clearly into focus.

After a close-up of bees swarming and crawling out of someone’s skin, we see what appear to be members of the cult in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks along with an American flag covered in blood.

During the recent TCA, EP Alexis Martin Woodall said that the new administration will not play the part in the installment that we might expect. “When Ryan had to make the announcement originally that the season was going to deal with Trump,” she said, “I think it’s more about what’s going on in our world around us.”

Woodall also said she would describe the new season as, “bloody tension, a well-cooked meal, an exciting trip to a grocery store. It is true to our brand, which is you are going to be in a whole new world all over again, and fall in love with these really special characters and hate yourself for watching it before you go to bed.”

The 11-episode season features returning stars Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Cheyenne Jackson and Scream Queens alumna Emma Roberts, along with newcomers Alison Pill and Billie Lourd.

You can watch the sequence in the tweet below.