Stephen Colbert will reveal results of his highly publicized top-secret trip to St. Petersburg and Moscow the week of July 17.

“I was asked to go to Russia by an acquaintance I knew from the 2013 Miss Universe pageant to meet with an individual who I was told might have information helpful to my show,” Colbert claimed in a statement issued this afternoon. “Donald Trump Jr.’s father knew nothing of the meeting or these events. Or, evidently, much else.”

With Russia’s relationship with President Donald Trump’s White House much in the news (and Trump having trouble remembering whether he did or did not form an “impenetrable Cyber Security unit” with Russian President Vladimir Putin), Colbert recently traveled to Russia and colluded with his crew to document the visit. Throughout “Russia Week,” Colbert’s late-night show will air pieces shot while Colbert was in St. Petersburg and Moscow, featuring his interactions with the Russian people, his interview and vodka shots on the Russian late-night television talk show Evening Urgant and lessons he learned on how to live the oligarch lifestyle from Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov.

In addition to the Russia features airing throughout the week, Colbert will welcome former Vice President Al Gore, actress Issa Rae, actor Keegan-Michael Key, actor Jason Bateman and English rock band Muse as guests. Also, Colbert has extended an open invitation to any Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer with dirt on Hillary Clinton.

The news of the trip to Russia first broke on June 22 after the highly sensitive information that Stephen Colbert was in St. Petersburg was shamelessly leaked in a tweet by Stephen Colbert. That evening he taped an interview on Evening Urgant with host Ivan Urgant, which aired the following night on Russian state television.