Comedy Central has delayed the season 21 premiere date for South Park. The popular animated series will now debut on September 13, instead of its original August 23 date, the network confirmed to Deadline.

Comedy Central

“We decided to push the upcoming seasons of South Park and Broad City into September when schools are back in session,” a network spokesperson said in a statement.

South Park airs at 10 PM, followed by Broad City at 10:30 PM.

In a May interview on The Bill Simmons Podcast, South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker said there would be less emphasis on Donald Trump in the upcoming season.

“That was part of the bummer for us about [last] season; we didn’t want to make it a big Trump thing, and we kept thinking it was gonna go away and we didn’t want to get caught up in just being a political show,” Parker told Simmons. ” There’s plenty of good political comedy out there. We like to dabble in that and do that one week, but then the next week we want to do fart jokes. We love to change tones. And it’s interesting, ’cause now people are [saying], “OK, well let’s see how you deal with Trump this coming season.” No one ever said, “Oh, the new season’s coming, how you gonna deal with Obama in this season?” We’re not that show and we never were”.

Stay tuned.