Jordan Klepper says he will play Alex Jones-meets-Garrison Keillor on his new Comedy Central late-night show The Opposition

Klepper‘s series will, Comedy Central says, “satirize the hyperbolic, conspiracy-laden noise machine that is the alternative-media landscape” in a “new America” that defines its own reality in the certainty that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a fake and CNN is fake news.  Klepper’s show is, fittingly, moving into the same 11:30 PM timeslot where Stephen Colbert gave birth to The Colbert Report, in which he played a character who was a Bill O’Reilly-esque conservative gasbag.

“There has been a great normalization of bullshit in America,” Klepper said at TCA of his show’s jumping-off point. “America always has had a level of bullshit,” he said noting McCarthyism, 911 truthers, and, more recently, future Donald Trump’s talk of Ted Cruz’s dad on the grassy knoll.

What’s different now is that in November, America elected the most notorious conspiracy theorists to become leader of the free world, Klepper marveled.

“This show is about America in 2017” in which “this other side” is getting news from InfoWars, Breitbart and The Blaze. “This is where the bullshit starts and gets tested in its little kitchens,” Klepper said. “This world sees itself as The Outsider. Donald Trump sees himself as The Outsider – as he tweets from inside the White House.”

Asked if he relishes the ratings Trump and his entourage have brought to late night TV,  Klepper said “I will always take sanity” even at the cost of ratings.

But, when asked if he had talked to Colbert about the faux Colbert character he played in the timeslot – a character Colbert said he was tired off by the time he left – Klepper said he hopes he’s lucky enough to play his alt-right wingnut for 10 years.