John Oliver tackled Alex Jones, “the Walter Cronkite of … gorilla clowns,” Sunday on Last Week Tonight.

The charismatic performer, who gets charged up on a regular basis, is an important part of many people’s media diet, Oliver noted; nearly 6 million people listen to his radio show or watch it online each week. Among his influential fans: “Russian ambassador to the United States Donald Trump,” who has tweeted Jones’ claims and appeared on his program at least once.


Oliver previously talked about Jones in his first show of this season, and Jones seemed a “little annoyed” – which is to say thrilled, and happily responded. Jones dismissed Oliver’s HBO show, saying its ratings were “in the toilet” and suggesting he got his gig because “everybody knows a British accent sounds intellectual,” adding, “Hey, boy, people want legitimacy. They want real people that can speak to them and touch them inside.”

Oliver responded Sunday night, telling Jones, “Don’t call me ‘boy,’ and insisting his British accent “sounds like a chimney sweep passing through a wood chipper.”

Jones’ shtick includes claims the Sandy Hook slaughter of elementary school children and some school staffers was staged by the government which, Oliver noted, “is deeply hurtful to the families of victims, disgusting, and should be disqualifying in terms of ever taking him seriously.”

“Sadly, doing things that disqualify you from being taken seriously doesn’t really seem to be much of a ‘thing’ anymore,” Oliver observed, as a photo from Trump’s inauguration popped up on screen.

During his four-hour program, Jones frequently pitches products he sells. Watching a week of InfoWars, Oliver observed Jones spent a quarter of his time – one hour – talking about, or playing ads for products he sells, or directing listeners to his InfoWars online shop, where you can buy survival gear, organic shampoo and body wash, and Clinton Rape Whistle, “To let Bill know you’re in the crowd and that you know the truth,” Oliver said the pitch promised. It comes with a free “9/11 Was an Inside Job” bumper sticker, Oliver discovered when he bought the whistle.

Since 2013, Jones’ program increasingly has focused on plugging his own products, vitamins, and something called “nutraceuticals.” Two thirds of his funding comes from selling these products, including “super male vitality” potions, a “Caveman” drink that combines chocolate and “domesticated bird corpses,” and another potion guaranteed to “soothe the mind and bodies of children” which Oliver said, accurately, sounded very creepy.

Oliver mentioned Jones’ recent controversial interview on Megyn Kelly’s Sunday NBC newsmag, which Jones renamed Rationalizing Low Ratings with Megyn Kelly. In that interview, Jones insisted it costs $45-$50M to keep InfoWars running and that whatever he makes he plows back into the show. Jones likes to tell his followers he’s in need of immediate financial support from viewers/listeners,  asking them to “fund” his show through his products – like “an NPR pledge drive for people who hate NPR,” Oliver snarked.

If you watch the program with regularity you might notice Jones sports several Rolex watches, and expensive sports coats. Jones has felt compelled to explain, Oliver noted, telling followers “I dress as a Satanist so I can enter that world and show you none of it means anything.”

‘Tormenting Sandy Hook parents should comfortably get you into the Satanic Club” without the need to buy a Rolex, much less several of them, Oliver insisted.