Hollywood tweeted its Independence Day greetings today, with a cacophony of jokes, well wishes and a few 140-character political stink bombs tossed across social media.

“Today,” tweeted Conan O’Brien, “we Americans celebrate our independence from Britain while planning our escape to Canada.”

“This is a tough 4th,” writes Bill Maher. “Can I say for sure the country I love will survive the leader I hate? I cannot. OK, enuf gloom, go blow your hand off!”

Hank Azaria and Ricky Gervais went the cuddly pet route, Ellen DeGeneres shared a cute patriotic baby and original Star Trekker George Takei loved those Chris Christie beach memes. Mark Ruffalo took the superhero route, and Bette Midler, Stephen King and VEEP exec producer Frank Rich couldn’t keep their sparklers away from the president.

And check out Saturday Night Live‘s holiday greeting – a list of its top 26 patriotic and beach-themed sketches. We can’t argue with #1 going to Will Ferrell exposing his post-9/11 pride with red white & blue short shorts, but where’s the ’78 party beach sketch with Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia twisting with the Not Ready For Primetime Players?