Two of Hollywood’s biggest and oldest credit unions have merged, the latest in a series of mergers that have consolidated many of the industry’s member-owned, nonprofit financial cooperatives.

The merger of the $235 million SAG-AFTRA Federal Credit Union with the $73 million Musicians’ Interguild Credit Union previously had received approval from state and federal regulators, and now it has been ratified by their members. The merged credit union will keep the name SAG-AFTRA Federal Credit Union, and SAFCU chief executive Roger Runyon will be its CEO.

The new merged credit union will not only serve the needs of actors and musicians, but numerous other industry professionals as well. Unions and organizations that offer membership include:

SAG Foundation
SAG Pension Plan
SAG-AFTRA Health Plan
AFTRA Retirement Fund
Actors Fund, Western Region
American Guild of Variety Artists,
Casting Society of America
Hollander Talent Group
Set Decorators Society of America
Talent Managers Association

The Directors Guild of America
The WGA West
The Producers Guild of America
American Federation of Musicians Local 7
American Federation of Musicians Local 47
American Federation of Musicians Local 308
American Federation of Musicians Local 325
American Federation of Musicians Local 353
American Federation of Musicians Local 655
Musicians’ Assistance Program
Musicians’ Club of Los Angeles
Musicians Institute
Orange County Musicians’ Club
IATSE Prop Local 44
IATSE Grips Local 80
IATSE Cinematographers Guild Local 600
IATSE Costumers Local 705
IATSE Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians Local 728
IATSE Set Painters and Sign Writers Local 729
IATSE Art Directors Guild Local 800
IATSE Animation Guild Local 839
IATSE Treasurers & Ticket Sellers Local 857
IATSE Script Supervisors Local 871
IATSE Costume Designers Guild Local 892
Employees of the IATSE’s West Coast office
Employees of Technique System Solutions
Employees of Western Costume Co.
Entertainment Publicists Professional Society
So Cal IBEW-NECA Trust Fund
The Valley Master Chorale
Welsh Choir of Southern California
Association of Theatrical Press Agents & Managers
Spouses of deceased members, providing they have not remarried