The Reddit user who apparently created the anti-CNN wrestling meme retweeted by President Donald Trump this morning has a tawdry, racist social media history, including joking about putting a cat in a blender and carrying “punch blades” on trips to Paris to protect himself from Muslim men.

The Washington Post is reporting that a Reddit user whose screen name is HanAssholeSolo apparently is responsible for superimposing the CNN logo over the face of WWE exec Vince McMahon as Donald Trump fake-pummels him at a 2007 pro-wrestling event.

“The Washington Post couldn’t find any version of the CNN-pummeling clip before Han——-Solo’s post last week,” writes the Post‘s Avi Selk. “And the user took credit for it, while noting that someone added sound and made other alterations to the version Trump tweeted.”

The Reddit user earlier today wrote, “Wow! I never expected my meme to be retweeted by the God Emporer (sic) Himself!!!”

A search of HanAssholeSolo’s comment history is a disturbing read. “That cat would be in a blender if it did that to me,” he writes on one thread, and in another boasts about visiting Paris armed with a “punch blade” in case “Islamic f*cks” attacked him. Other threads include racist and homophobic discussions.

In retweeting, Trump did not indicate how he or his staff discovered the meme, who found it or where it was found.