“He has no role at this time in the Trump administration,” said White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders today of now ex-Communications director Anthony Scaramucci exited and turmoil seemed to overtake Donald Trump’s crew again.

“Look, the President certainly felt that Anthony’s comments were inappropriate for a person in a that position and he didn’t want to burden General Kelly also with that line of succession,” Sanders added under questioning from the press corps of the profanity filled and senior staff attacking interview Scaramucci gave to the New Yorker last week and the new regime of the retired four star Marine General as White House Chief of Staff. “General Kelly has the full authority to operate in the White House and all staff will answer to him, she also remarked of the “discipline and strength” Kelly is seen as bringing to the structure of the Executive Branch going forward under a notoriously undisciplined POTUS.

Last week, the pivoting Sanders left the impression that Scaramucci’s remarks to the Manhattan magazine was a tempest in a teacup and OK with Trump himself.

With comparisons to the infamous and bloody ‘Red Wedding’ episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones in the air, the on-camera briefing was the first since Reince Priebus was canned as White House Chief of Staff on July 28. It also is the first time formally in front the media since Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly took over as Chief of Staff this morning and Scaramucci was shown the door after less than two tumultuous and controversial weeks on the job. A passionate supporter of Trump, to put it mildly, hedge funder Scaramucci is totally out at the White House and the Import-Export Bank, at least for now.

“I’m not going to get into the process or tick tock,” Sanders said of Scaramucci’s resignation and departure in the past 24 hours. “What we’ve said several times before, what matters most to us is not who is employed in the White House but who is employed in the rest of the country and we’re focused on the President’s agenda,” the Press Secretary noted in strict talking points mode.

In that vein, Sanders told the media that there are no plans to see any changes to ex-Press Secretary Sean Spicer also leaving the White House. The much maligned, SNL mocked and perhaps Dancing With The Stars heading ex-RNC staff offered his resignation when Scaramucci’s appointment was announced back on July 21. With numerous firings/resignations since almost Day 1 of the Trump administration, the current Press Secretary promised the “clean slate,” as one reporter called it, is done for now and all senior staff will be staying in their jobs. Which of course, could change in minutes if the past six months is anything to go by – as a tweet by Trump today before Scaramucci’s exit was made public makes clear:

Sticking to the teleprompter, Trump made no mention of long time pal Scaramucci’s exit during a Medal of Honor ceremony at the White House on Monday after the resignation was announced. As has been the pattern the last week or so, today’s press briefing started with statements and remarks on other matters besides by the Oval Office intrigue high level administration officials. Monday’s warm props were National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin who announced sanctions against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

As soon as Sanders returned to the podium the press started bellowing out “Sarah, what happened?”