A day after introducing himself to the media and the world as new White House communications chief, Anthony Scaramucci hopped on Twitter to say he is deleting his old tweets. Why? Because his “views have evolved and shouldn’t be a distraction”:

Full transparency, the move likely is a reaction to those pesky reporters who recall the fact that Scaramucci took a pickax to then-candidate Donald Trump’s idea of building a border wall and dissed then-just-businessman Trump in a couple of tweets several years ago.

“Walls don’t work,” the Wall Streeter tweeted in late 2015. “Never have never will. The Berlin Wall 1961-1989 don’t fall for it.” And then there are these, which were grabbed for posterity by freelance journalist Josh Billinson before Scaramucci could delete them:

Goldman Sachs alum Scaramucci, whose new Twitter cover photo is him with Trump in the Oval Office (above), apparently hopes that those blasts from the past will stay in the past as he works to spread the message of the president he now loves like a rock.

Meanwhile, Trump himself shocked no one as he hit the ground tweeting this morning. He had plenty to rant about a day after his comms team exploded, his personal lawyer was benched and POTUS reportedly was asking his remaining legal team about his power to pardon people — including himself (“We all agree the U.S. President has the complete power to pardon”). And dig the one about how Scaramucci wanted to endorse him first. Grab some popcorn and maybe some Tylenol and enjoy the spectacle: