The American Cinematheque will honor Imax with the 2017 Sid Grauman Award, part of its 31st annual awards gala that will see Amy Adams honored with the American Cinematheque Award. The ceremony is set for Friday, November 10 at the Beverly Hilton. The award will be presented to Imax CEO Richard Gelfond and CEO Greg Foster.

Jeffrey Katzenberg was the first recipient of the honor in 2015, with the award established to honor significant contributions to the Hollywood film industry in the continuing advancement of theatrical exhibition.

“The American Cinematheque is pleased to present this year’s annual Sid Grauman award to Richard Gelfond and Greg Foster on behalf of Imax for their outstanding contribution to theatrical exhibition,” American Cinematheque chairman Rick Nicita said in a release. “Their leadership of Imax has resulted in a breathtaking expansion of not only box office grosses around the world but in a quantum leap forward for the excitement and enjoyment of the moviegoing audience. There is no better way to see a movie than on the big screen and Imax gives us the biggest screens of all.”