HBO will premiere Vice Special Report: A World in Disarray, a documentary that examines the past, present and future of American foreign policy,  at 10 PM Friday, July 21.

In the exclusive HBO presentation, Vice founder Suroosh Alvi and other Vice correspondents examine the foreign policies that have shaped the modern world and meet people living through today’s major conflicts. It features interviews with Condoleezza Rice, Tony Blair, Samantha Power, Ash Carter and others.

“In this increasingly confusing modern political landscape, we thought it would be interesting to canvass the best minds in foreign policy in an attempt to make sense of what is actually happening and weigh in on the greatest dangers that are facing us today,” says Vice founder Shane Smith. “Marrying signature Vice on-the-ground reporting with unique insights and explanations of how we got here, from the people who were actually there at the table, makes for a foreign policy wonk’s dream. Enjoy!”

Starting with an exclusive interview with Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations and author of A World in Disarray, the special observes America’s role in a post-Cold War world and the unfolding consequences of an “America First” policy. Alvi and correspondents Sebastian Walker, Ben Ferguson, Isobel Yeung and Michael Moynihan provide exclusive, never-before-seen footage as they travel through Syria, Ukraine, China and South Korea for firsthand accounts of ongoing humanitarian crises and political struggles in these and neighboring countries.

Shane Smith, Jason Mojica, Brendan Fitzgerald, Jonah Kaplan, Tim Clancy, Josh Tyrangiel and Eddy Moretti executive produce. Joanna Forscher is co-executive producer, and Haass is consulting producer.