Trevor Noah opened Wednesday’s The Daily Show by addressing the morning’s shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and other members of a GOP baseball team practicing for Thursday’s congressional charity baseball team.

“We have to take a moment to acknowledge what happened this morning in Virginia,” Noah began. “A man armed with a rifle shot five people, including Republican Congressmen Steve Scalise. Were it not for the Capitol Police on the scene, the situation could have been much worse. And, for me personally, what was heartwarming to see today, was members of congress united as human beings.”

Cut to clips of House Speaker Paul Ryan, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi  and others talking on camera about how an attack on one of them is an attack on all of them, and how they actually get along in the House though they play like the don’t on TV news channels.

“I’m glad they found the right way to respond,” Noah said, seguing to, “If you want to know how not to respond, it’s like this.”

If you guessed he cut to video of Newt Gingrich on Fox News Channel, you win.