President Trump is trying to distract Americans during Comey Week, The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah noted Tuesday night. On Thursday,  former FBI director James Comey will get asked by someone on the Senate Intel Committee whether he really did, as Trump said in his letter sacking Comey and again to NBC’s Lester Holt, assure Trump three times the president was not under investigation. Comey’s testimony is expected to clock a TV audience rivaling that of the Watergate hearings, size-wise.

So, how is Trump distracting us? With Infrastructure Week! Which Noah likened to counterprogramming Shark Week with Barnacle Week. And though the ceremony at which Trump signed a document  after announcing his proposed changes to the country’s air traffic control system was befitting a bill signing, the document was just a memo to Congress outlining his proposal.

“He just wrote a to-do list and signed it?!” Noah marveled. “He really is a TV president!…He loves the performance of doing things, but a lot of the time, nothing is actually being done. Essentially, Donald Trump wants to be president, but he doesn’t want to do president,” Noah said.

Which, funny enough, is just what Seth Meyers forecast back during the campaign when he offered Trump the chance to play POTUS as star of a new NBC primetime series,  Chicago President, so he could play at being POTUS without actually having to do the hard work.