The late-night comics couldn’t resist James Comey last night, with Stephen Colbert even inserting himself into the hours-old testimony (best part: he gets grumbled at by a cantankerous John McCain).

The bit: Colbert has weaseled his way into the hearings (via a rock radio contest where “the hits are so old we replace their hips”) and starts lobbing questions of his own, in code of course: “Let’s say you had an orange cat, really fat and lies a lot, would the cat enjoy drinking vodka?”

Getting nowhere, Colbert asks Comey for a simple sign to suggest Trump-Russia collusion. Watch the clip above as if the weight of our democracy depends on it, or not.

Over on NBC, Jimmy Fallon – still bearded, by the way – devoted a chunk of his Tonight monologue to the Comey hearing, hitting the big targets (that Trump-Comey dinner date, “Lordy I hope there are tapes”), but did best with a Senate hearing/soap opera mash-up, with the suds stars over-reacting to the Comedy revelations.

Take a look. The soap opera part arrives at about 1:54.

Seth Meyers, on NBC’s Late Night, sneaked in a nifty reference to those old Speak & Spell toys via a set-up on Trump’s temporary twitter restraint, but his top-shelf quip was probably the swipe at Eric and Don Jr., plain and simple.

And on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah recapped the “batsh*t crazy” Trump-Comey saga, then worked his way to a pretty fine Get Out reference and finally got a terrific montage of great cinematic courtroom moments, from “You can’t handle the truth” to “You’re out of order!” As a capper, Noah warbles a faux-Disney tune as a toddler Trump.

You kinda have to see it. Disney Donald arrives at 7:28.