“When I was in Vietnam many years ago, and also my father in World War II, you went off to war and then you came home,” Six co-creator William Broyles Jr said about the contemporary balance he was seeking to explore in History’s new Navy SEAL drama series. “These guys are in the carpool lines and taking out the trash and then suddenly they have to go and deal with some of the most dangerous people on the planet in very morally ambiguous situations and then come back.”

“This is really the conflict or the tension between what we send these men to do and what the cost is on them and on their families,” the executive producer added about the narrative heart of the series from A+E Studios and Weinstein Television. The comments came during Deadline’s annual The Contenders Emmys event recently at the DGA theater packed with TV Academy and guild voters.

Broyles was joined onstage for the Six panel by fellow EP Alfredo Barrios Jr.

Having had a strong debut January 18 for History, the first season saw frayed former SEAL Team Six troop leader Richard “Rip” Taggart (Walton Goggins) captured by Boko Haram. Despite their personal differences over Rip and his actions in Afghanistan, his old SEAL team of Joe Graves (Barry Sloane), Alex Caulder (Kyle Schmid), Ricky “Buddha” Ortiz (Juan Pablo Raba) and more head to Africa to recuse their old boss. Six also stars Edwin Hodge, Dominic Adams, Brianne Davis, Nadine Velazquez, Jaylen Moore, Donny Boaz and Nondumiso Tembe.

The series was renewed in late February for a 10-episode Season 2.

Check out the conversation with the passionate Broyles and Barrios above.