TV news outlets celebrated word that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer would hold an on-camera press briefing on Tuesday.

But Melissa McCarthy may be out of a gig – word is the media won’t have Spicer to kick around much longer. He’s said to be moving up to some off-camera position in the White House message-massaging department, and will be replaced as press secretary.

Among the names, Laura Ingraham. But she seems to be angling for something bigger, this morning delivering a message to President Donald Trump via his fave morning show Fox & Friends, that while she has the perfect background,  “I’m not sure the press secretary thing is something I’m dying to do.”

It has been eight days since Spicer last held an on-camera gaggle with reporters. Monday’s briefing was held, not only off camera but also no audio recording was allowed.  White House correspondents reacted with varying degrees of outrage that their daily close-ups on the most popular show in daytime TV were being scrapped.

Among the stronger stands, CNN’s Jim Acosta declared Spicer to be “kind of useless” and bravely tweeted a photo of the ugly anchor socks he was wearing to drive home his point.

Acosta’s CNN colleague, media guru Brian Stelter called Tuesday morning’s about face a reaction to the pressure being put on the White House by news outlets.

White House correspondents insist briefings need to be held on-camera as a way to hold administrations accountable, especially given that Trump does not hold pressers himself – his last news conference was in February.  Or, as Stelter put it, “it’s a pain for TV networks and radio networks.”

The Trump administration has a different take. Asked why Spicer’s briefings  now mostly are held off-camera, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon told The Atlantic, via text message, “Sean got fatter.”