“As I’m sure you all know, a few days ago … this city was attacked,” Late Late Show host James Corden said in tonight’s new opening for his three nights of programs from London. A previously planned opening was scrubbed after Saturday’s attack at London Bridge that left seven dead.

“I’m so sad when I think about all the times since took this job that I’ve had to open our show talking about such atrocities, trying to find the right words to say,” Corden began that familiar late-night refrain.

“But this time it felt incredibly close to home,” he said because his show already was in town when three assailants plowed a van into pedestrians on the bridge, then stabbed people at a nearby pub.

“We going to bring you the silliest, stupidest, most fun-packed show we’ve ever made for you to celebrate London and Britain and everything it has to offer, and the people who carried out the attack would hate that,” he promised.

“I’m so proud to be broadcasting here, from my hometown and showing off its beauty, its diversity and its stoic British determination to let nothing or anybody stand in our way. This is not a country that feels afraid,” he said, mirroring Brit late-night host John Oliver’s earlier insistence that American journalists who said the city was “reeling” had got it all wrong.

“Thank you for joining us for what we hope will be a memorable week from London,” Corden added. “It may be the worst weather in the world, but it’s still my favorite city.”