James Corden says he’s sent nearly 300 copies of Philadelphia to President Trump in hopes it will educate him about HIV/AIDS.

Corden kicked off Tuesday’s Late Late Show with the announcement, but began by scolding media for spending so much time talking about Russian interference in the country’s presidential election and possible Trump campaign members’ collusion in that effort, as well as other Trump-related matters.

“If you watched news lately, or this show every night, any show, you’d have heard a lot about Donald Trump,” Corden said. “You hear about his business conflicts, his tweets, Russian investigation, more Russian investigation. Seriously, a lot of talk about this Russian investigation.

“We’re all guilty of it,” Corden apologized.

Corden said he “gets” why this has dominated the news cycle. According to Corden, “It’s because Dems hope this is what gets Donald Trump impeached” and some Republicans secretly hope same.

In the “bluster and all the noise,” Corden said of the Russia investigation coverage, “it’s important to remember he is still the President of the United States and it is still his job to take action on issues.”

Which brought Corden to his point. He was really upset to learn six of 18 members of the president’s advisory on HIV and AIDS resigned last week. Trump has shown he does not care about HIV and AIDS “by taking down the Office of National AIDS policy website the day he took office,” the late-night host added.

Trump has refused to appoint anybody to lead that office, and proposed changes to healthcare that, if it becomes law, would “devastate all marginalized Americans living with HIV/AIDS,” Corden added.

Having himself first become aware of, and “started to care about,” HIV through watching the movie Philadelphia, Corden concluded, “maybe Donald Trump doesn’t care because he’s never seen Philadelphia.”

To that end, Corden and staff bought up every copy they could get their hands on, via Amazon and Barnes & Noble, totaling 297 copies. A call to the White House about sending the copies there did not go well, so Corden sent them to Mar-a-Lago.

He hopes Trump watches Philadelphia and “realizes that HIV and AIDS are something you, or any President of the United States, or any world leader can never afford to ignore.”

Corden then directed his viewers to Lambdalegal.org, asking them to support the organization and get educated about HIV and AIDS advocacy. And, if you have a spare copy of Philadelphia lying around, Corden suggested sending to Trump’s Florida “White House.”

Well done.

Now, can someone please send Corden a couple copies of All The President’s Men?